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October 29, 2020
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ParaCore – Dual Cure Resin Cement and Core Build-Up


Resin Cement and Core Build-Up Material by Coltene

Available in Slow Set 5 m Automix Syringe

Each Syringe is Supplied with 10 Brown Short Fine Mixing Tips ∅ 1.8 mm

Made in Switzerland


Dual Curing Core and Resin Material

3 Indications – 1 Material

A Glass Re-Inforced Dual Curing Composite, which is radiopaque and available in three Shades, Dentine, White and Translucent

ParaCore is based on Coltene’s decades of Experience and Expertise in the Area of Composite, bonding, and Endodontic Posts

This Integrated Bond and Cement System Complements a wide Array of Endodontic Post Systems for Clinically Soun, Long-Lasting Post & Core Restoration

Available in Slow Setting Variant in order to Ensure Ample Working Time

Working Time: 160 Sec at 23°C / 60 Sec at 37°C

Curing Time (Not Including Working Time): 200 Sec at 37°C”

Optimal Handling Property:

With its creamy, smooth, and non-slumping consistency, ParaCore is the ideal all-in-one material.

Due to its thixotropic formulation, ParaCore is also eminently suitable for the free-hand application.

Due to its grindability, similar to natural dentin, there are no grooves or notches.

3 Colours – 2 Timings – 1 Material

Each indication has its own material requirements

Next to a suitable shade and, in specific, its translucency, the working time is crucial

Therefore, ParaCore is not only available in three colors, but also with two different working times.

For instance, the standard version with its short processing time is especially suited for core build-ups, whereas the SLOW version demonstrates its strengths in all types of cementation work

Generation / Type:

Paracore is not a Self Adhesive Resin Cement and requires the Surface Treatment of Supporting Prepared Tooth Surface / Core / Post
It is recommended to be used with Self / Chemical Cure Bonding Agent such as ParaBond from Coltene

ParacCore can also be used along with the Total Etch Bonding System like One Coat SL Bond from Coltene

Order Information

The price of ParaCore as mentioned on this Page is for 01 (One) Automix Syringe of 5 ml which is supplied with 10 (Ten) Brown Short Fine Mixing Tips ∅ 1.8 mm

5 ml Automix Syringe of ParaCore Transparent Shade is equivalent to 8.7 Gm Material

5 ml Automix Syringe of ParaCore Dentine Shade is Equivalent to 9.2 Gm Material

Actual Packing of ParaCore Automix Syringe Refill is Pack of 02 (Two) Syringes and 20 (Twenty) Brown Short Fine Mixing Tips ∅ 1.8 mm, but is Sold as 01 (One) Automix Syringe of 5 ml which is supplied with 10 (Ten) Brown Short Fine Mixing Tips ∅ 1.8 mm. This is done for the convenience of Customers.

Any Customer Willing to purchase Sealed Pack of Paracore, having 02 (Two) Syringes and 20 (Twenty) Brown Short Fine Mixing Tips ∅ 1.8 mm, will have to pay the price for 02 (Two) Syringes.

The Working Time Mentioned in the Description above is for the Slow Setting Variant of ParaCore which is Readily Available in Stock. Regular Setting Variant can be imported from Manufacturer on Confirm order from Customer

Slow Setting Variants is available in Two Shades, which are, Dentin and Translucent Shades

Additional information

Dentine – Slow, Dentine – Transluscent

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