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November 20, 2020
November 22, 2020
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FLECTA™ – High Quality Disposible Mirrors with 40% Larger Viewing Surface


High-Quality Disposable Mirrors with 40% Larger Viewing Surface by Pulpdent

Sold as Indivisual Disposible Mirror

Made in the USA


High-Quality Single Use Disposable Mirrors

40% Larger Viewing Surface

The innovative Flecta design has many advantages.

The unbeatable, low single-use price allows you to have a shiny new mirror for every patient – no more scratches and blotches.

The highest quality disposable mirror available, Flecta’s elongated shape has a 40% larger viewing surface.

The pull tab easily removes the protective film from the mirror surface

The mirror is double-sided with a backside light reflector.

The lightweight comfort handle reduces stress and fatigue and the offset handle design is a better tongue guard and cheek retractor

The Flecta Mirrors can be given to patients as take-home gifts.

Made in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA

The Price mentioned on this Web Page is for One Disposable Flecta Mirror

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