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Autoclavable High Volume Aspirator System by Henry Schein

Available in Pkt of 4 Aspirator in Different Sizes

Made in the USA


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Isolation Simplified


Practice dentistry like never before.

High suction. Saliva ejectors. Bite blocks. Dry angles. Cotton rolls. Gauze. Replace them all with one simple, powerful isolation solution.

The patented DryShield system was designed with the dentist in mind, offering total control of your patient’s mouth by keeping the working area dry, clean and visible.

Remarkably, DryShield dentists are seeing chair time reduced by an average of 25-40% per procedure.

With more free time and less variability, doctors and hygienists are doing more procedures in each appointment, scheduling more patients in a day, and consistently running their schedules on time.

At the same time, patients are enjoying a more comfortable experience as well as shorter appointments.


DryShield performs all of the tasks of a high-suction evacuator, bite block, tongue guard and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device.

It’s an intelligent breakthrough in isolation, bringing unmatched levels of ease and comfort to doctors and patients alike.

Opt for the cost savings of autoclavable mouthpieces, or the convenience of single-use mouthpieces.

What sets DryShield apart?

• DryShield has engineered two options — the Autoclavable and Single-Use mouthpieces — to meet your needs, for maximum affordability or convenience.

• Installation is simple, attaching directly to the HVE — no special equipment required.

• All DryShield mouthpieces are made from soft and flexible material that contours to the patient’s mouth.

• Each mouthpiece size features a matching bite block, giving the patient a firm place to rest for a perfect fit in every mouth.

• Hands-free, continuous suction allows patients to be comfortable and assistants to multi-task.

• The DryShield system is portable between operatories and offices.

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Dry-Shield Mouth Piece Refill – Pedo, Dry-Shield Mouth Piece Refill – Small, Dry-Shield Mouth Piece Refill – Medium, Dry-Shield Mouth Piece Refill – Large, Dry-Shield Isolation System

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